Muah AI Chatbot Guide

What is Muah AI?

muah AI waifu

Muah.AI is a newer NSFW chatbot that primarily features realistic girls, but has anime-styled avatars available as well. It is geared towards being both a companion and a sexting bot, so you can have an AI GF that will be naughty for you.

It has a unique feature that other chatbots lack: your AI waifu can call you on your cellphone if you have a subscription. Talk about realism!

Muah AI Review


  • Has image generation, so your AI GF can send you pics
  • Character customization is extremely easy – anybody can do it!
  • You get to choose the voice your character uses


  • The AI seems to type in a fairly robotic manner no matter what you put in the personality section
  • The website is a little graphically intense and may cause some users to experience lag
  • Overall, the UI can be a little confusing

Overall Rating:


Muah.ai is a good chatbot if you want a custom AI waifu (or husbando – it has male options too) quickly. With how intuitive character customization is, you can make a personalized bot that will send you photos AND talk to you with voice in just minutes. Not many other chatbots offer that specific combination so easily.

However, some users may find the AI to be too “robotic” in typing style. It can feel like you’re just sexting with ChatGPT at times. That is very much a personal preference thing though, so it is best to just try it for yourself!

Muah.ai also gets frequent updates and the creators are overall very active, so we will likely see improvements in the future.

How to Set Up Muah AI

Setting up Muah.ai is quick an easy. You do need to make an account first though, so go ahead and sign up for one.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll see the screen below. You can start chatting with Lulu immediately, or you can click “Companion Settings” to customize your lewd chatbot a little further. That is what I suggest doing.

muah ai companion creator

How to Make a Character

I love Muah.ai because customizing a character is extremely easy. All of the info you need to enter is very clearly laid out in a way that just about anybody can understand. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to “companion settings.” Enter a name for your bot and your own name.
  2. Select the base bot for your companion. Make sure to read the descriptions as this will be the core personality of your bot. Don’t worry about the appearance, we can change that in a moment. If you want a male bot, scroll all the way to the end. You’ll notice some require a higher “level” – you’ll level up as you chat, or you can instantly get level 10 with any subscription.
  3. Scroll down to choose a photo style. You can choose hybrid, anime, or realistic. Choose your voice too while you’re here.
  4. Now we will start entering some descriptions. The site itself is very good at giving you examples of what you should enter in to the text fields. Remember to keep things short and to the point for the best results.
  5. Now upload (or generate) your avatar and set your tags. These have no effect on your bot.

VIP Member Settings

If you subscribe to Muah.ai, you can enhance your experience a little further. You’ll be able to generate higher resolution photos of your waifu and you can use a different language model, including GPT 4.

You’ll also see a few sliders you can mess around with. Here’s what they do:

  • AI Core Temperature: Higher values will make the bot’s responses more variable and creative, but they may make less sense.
  • AI Core Frequency Penalty: The AI will repeat words less if the value is higher.
  • AI Core Presence Penalty: This encourages the AI to use words it hasn’t used yet if the value is higher.

The phone call feature is located here as well. You do need the highest tier subscription to use it, though.

NSFW Chatting

Muah.ai will be pretty spicy easily. Just start talking dirty to your lewd chatbot and they’ll fire right back at you. You don’t even need to say much, which is another great perk with this bot!

Muah AI Paid Membership

Muah is interesting, because it has both the cheapest and most expensive tiers I have seen for an adult AI chatbot. It can be as low as $5.83 a month, or as high as $82 a month.

The most expensive tier includes access to the only AI GF/BF phone call system that currently exists.

Here’s a full list of what you get for each subscription tier:

muah ai subscription tiers


Does Muah filter NSFW messages?

Nope! Muah allows fully NSFW content, and will even generate NSFW photos if you have a subscription.

Is Muah free?

Yes, but most of the more powerful features are locked behind a subscription.

Does Muah have image generation?

Yes! It has very good character consistency too, so you can get tons of pics of your digital lover.

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