Candy AI Chatbot Guide

What is Candy AI?

Candy AI is a NSFW AI chatbot that focuses more on realistic-looking characters. That being said, it has some anime-styled characters as well, so it can fit a wide variety of needs.

Candy AI Review


  • Utilizes image generation so your waifu can send you pictures, and images are extremely high-quality
  • Character consistency in generated images is high
  • Each character has their own unique personality – they don’t all feel the same
  • Character creation is VERY straight-forward


  • Very low amount of free messages, which can make it hard to determine if you like the bot
  • One subscription tier only that is on the higher end price-wise
  • To talk to your own custom character, you must be subscribed

Overall Rating:


Candy AI, overall, is a GREAT adult chatbot. It has a simple but gorgeous UI, voice, consistent image generation for each character, and waifu (and husbando) options for everybody.

On top of that, Candy AI may have the most simple character creator I have ever encountered (and that’s a good thing). You need absolutely no experience writing bots to make your own virtual GF on Candy AI. Literally anybody can do it, and in seconds!

The only downside of Candy AI is how locked down it is. You only get a few messages before you need to subscribe to continue talking to the bots, and you can’t use your own character without being a subscriber. That can make it a little tricky to really test the bot and decide if you like it before paying.

How to Set Up Candy AI

All you need to do to get to chatting with the hot girls and guys of Candy AI is set up an account. Make your account, enter your name and your gender, and then you’re ready to start chatting!

At this point, you can either choose a pre-made character or make your own. Remember though, while you can make your own custom character any time, you can only chat to them if you have a subscription to Candy AI. So you may want to try one of the pre-made options first to see if you like the platform.

How to Make a Character

Candy AI is among one of the easiest adult chatbot websites to make a character on. You select from a variety of pre-set options instead of typing things in yourself. This may sound limiting but it really isn’t too bad – there are so many options to choose from that possibilities are near endless. You just can’t make a furry character, or anything non-human.

To begin, go ahead and hit “create character”.

  1. You’ll start by choosing realistic or anime for your character’s image style.
  2. After that, you’ll choose your digital partner’s ethnicity, eye color, and (general) age.
  3. Once you’ve picked all of that, click next and you’ll choose a hairstyle. Note that these images will show the realistic girls even if you chose “anime” – you’ll still get an anime girl, so don’t worry!
  4. After you pick your waifu’s hair, you’ll need to pick her body characteristics. You’ll choose body type, breast size, and butt size.
  5. Now it is time to start setting up her personality. You’ll choose her base personality type next, and then her occupation and hobbies after that. The base personality has a very strong effect on how your bot behaves, so keep that in mind.
  6. You’ll then get to pick your bot’s relationship to you. You can make her your girlfriend right away, which is awesome.
  7. And last but not least, you’ll pick her outfit. She’ll take that off for you if you’re a subscriber though!

NSFW Chatting

Candy AI gets spicy easily, but with limited free messages you won’t get very much action. It’ll end up being a bit of a tease. I suggest quickly pushing for NSFW content immediately and using that as a test to see if you like this porn chatbot enough to subscribe.

Be aware that you can’t get NSFW images without subscribing too – don’t waste your limited messages trying to get them, because it won’t happen.

Candy AI Paid Membership

Candy AI has a single tier that costs $25.99 monthly. You can also pay annually for a cheaper price overall. They have frequent sales with heavy discounts as well, and in my opinion it is almost always worth it to grab a subscription when these pop up.

Here’s what you get for subscribing:

Candy AI FAQ

Does Candy AI filter NSFW messages?

No, you are free to be as naughty as you want!

Does Candy AI have image generation?

Yes! Your waifu can send you spicy selfies any time you want.

Is Candy AI free?

Yes, but messages are very limited if you do not subscribe.

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