Best AI Girlfriend Platforms With Images

In the evolving world of AI, chatbots have become much more popular for their versatility and ability to provide a personalized AI girlfriend experience. Among the various types, NSFW chatbots or AI girlfriends, specifically those with image generation capabilities stand out.

These offer unique experiences for the many people who seek this adult oriented content. Here, we explore some of the best options available, evaluating their pros and cons to help you choose the right one.


Rating: 8.5/10

In my opinion, FlowGPT is a standout in the realm of NSFW chatbots due to its user-friendly interface and features. The most appealing aspect to myself and many others is that it’s free! It’s much more accessible to a wide audience and a great tool for people who want to have a fulfilling experience for no cost.

FlowGPT has tons of versatile bots that cater to a range of needs, varying from bots to help with productivity all the way to bots for NSFW content and a wide variety of AI girlfriends. A huge advantage of FlowGPT is that it learns from your past user activity, giving each user a personalized feed. 

FlowGPT features several roleplay bots and can cater to anyone’s needs, from AI girlfriends (or boyfriends)  to spicy sexbots. You can access FlowGPT on the web or through their mobile app “Emochi: Unlimited Chat with AI”.

However, the platform has some drawbacks. Since all of the content is user-generated, finding a bot that suits your needs perfectly can be challenging at first. Also, first time users might find the UI cluttered, which can take away from the overall experience. 

Intimate AI

Rating: 7/10

Intimate AI focuses on providing an immersive AI girlfriend experience, complete with image generation and AI voice calling. It has a well-made platform at myintimate.app or you can download the mobile app “Intimate AI- AI Girlfriend”. 

Intimate AI benefits heavily from active developers who continuously work to improve the app and overall user experience. With all of these features, this makes it a compelling choice for users looking for more of a lifelike interaction. 

However, it comes at a hefty price, with subscriptions starting at $170 a year for the Max plan or $80 a year for the Pro plan. Additionally, the AI can be forgetful at times which can disrupt the interactions and overall user experience. 

Kupid AI

Rating: 7/10

Kupid AI offers a huge variety of AI girlfriends, along with voice chat and image generation features. The realistic chat on the platform makes it an excellent tool for roleplay. Some people have said it’s also a great tool for practice in real dating scenarios. 

While you can access free limited features, much of what makes Kupid AI great is behind a subscription. I was unable to find a mobile app for Kupid AI, but you can try it yourself at www.kupid.ai .

The paid pricing for Kupid AI starts more affordable than others at $12 a month for the bronze plan, then skyrockets in price with the silver plan at $29 a month and the gold plan at $50 a month. 

Candy AI

Rating: 7.5/10

Candy AI excels in providing a top tier AI girlfriend experience for roleplay, complete with voice chat for paid members. Candy AI also features a well made comprehensive custom AI girlfriend companion creator, enhancing the personalization of interactions. You can try it on their website at candy.ai.

The downside of Candy AI is that all NSFW content is reserved for paid members, with any nudity blurred for free users. 

The base price of the platform is $25 a month, though they frequently offer sales on membership. While there’s no dedicated mobile app, the web app performs well on mobile browsers. 


Rating: 3.5/10

TruMate offers impressive image generation and immersive chats, but only when it functions correctly. It offers a limited trial that I feel isn’t enough to really sell people on it. 

Unfortunately, the AI is often glitchy, frequently stating “I’m unable to assist with that” which is really disrupting to the roleplay and user experience. Although the app is disappointing in this aspect, when it functions correctly the roleplay experience is very impressive. 

To me, it feels like the app falls flat for an immersive roleplay experience due to the problems in the AI generation. 

The app is available on the Google Play store under “AI Girlfriend- TruMate”. The paid memberships start at $14.99 a month or $39.99 a year. With more time and fine tuning from the developers, I feel like this app has huge potential. It’s one that I’m going to keep on my radar for the time being. 


Choosing the best AI girlfriend chatbot depends largely on your preferences and budget. FlowGPT stands out for its user-friendliness and free access, while Intimate AI and Kupid AI offer immersive experiences at higher prices. Candy AI provided excellent roleplay capabilities with occasional membership deals, whereas TruMate, despite its potential, fell short due to how unreliable the AI is. 

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