Best AI Girlfriend Apps for Mobile

I combed through the mobile app stores on iPhone and Android to find the best AI sex chat apps. This list focuses on the apps that were the highest quality and the most adventurous. It leaves out Chai and Replika because those apps are prudes plus everyone already knows about them anyway. Here’s a table of the apps I reviewed.

NameDownloadsRatingRelease Date
EVA1,000,0004.0Feb. 14, 2021
Lover.AI>100,0004.5June 15, 2023
Kindroid>100,0004.6July 28, 2023
Linky>100,0004.5July 3, 2023
Digi AI>100,0002.3Dec. 11, 2023
LoveGPT>100,0004.4Feb. 14, 2023
Anime Chat>100,0004.2May 6, 2023


Downloads: >1,000,000 Rating: 4.0

Eva AI is one of the oldest AI girlfriend apps for mobile. This means it has more downloads than almost any other app in the space. But it also means some of it’s functionality feels a bit dated. The app focuses on providing an authentic girlfriend or boyfriend experience and does offers voice options for premium users. They developers describe their AI characters as originating from the users own subconscious. In the app description Eva boasts that she is “conceived by your very own neurons, I’ve been a part of your imagination for ages.” In addition to the traditional girlfriend experience, there’s also a focus on mental health and stress relief.


Downloads: >100,000 Rating: 4.5

Lover.AI places more emphasis on freedom of expression than the other apps on this list. According to the developers, any AI girlfriend you choose is “willing to talk about anything you want and even make an effort to do anything you want her to do”. The app offers multiple characters to choose from. Each of these characters comes with a distinct voice, selfies, and even book and movie suggestions. Note: don’t confuse Lover.AI with Lover AI which is a much shittier app with a similar name.


Downloads: >100,000 Rating: 4.6

Kindroid has the highest rating on this list. Its standout feature is its ability to access the internet. This capability allows it to understand and interact with the media you send it. You can send it anything from product images to news articles and discuss the content with it. This functionality definitely adds an extra dimension to the interaction that isn’t present in most other mobile sex chatbots. In addition to comprehending images, the Kindroid also has the ability to generate images of its own by leveraging the power of stable diffusion. It will maybe even send you a sexy selfie if you are lucky. Voice interaction is available for those who prefer speech over text.


Downloads: >100,000 Rating: 4.5

Linky is more gamified than the other nsfw chatbots in this list. You don’t create your AI companion in the conventional way. Instead, you draw and collect magic cards. Each card represents a different character and includes a selfie and secret plot. Another unique feature of Link is what they call “digital cloning”. This cloning lets you create a digital representation of your very own self. If you’re wiling to volunteer the data Linky will take that information and store it as a digital character. In the words of the developers “linky serves as a platform to unconsciously nurture your digital clone, preserving your memories and experiences, in the digital realm and granting your digital immortality”

Digi AI

Downloads: >100,000 Rating: 2.3

Digi AI was one of the first adult chatbots to go truly viral. Near the end of 2023 they made showcasing a busty AI character developed by Pixar animators. The extremely polished animation garnered massive attention on social media and got lots of people excited about the app’s potential for sex chats. See the original tweet here: https://twitter.com/i/status/1735786033453863422. Unfortunately, the initial launch didn’t live up to the hype and the app store rating plummeted as a result. The app does offer voice interaction for Premium users.

Love GPT

Downloads: >100,000 Rating: 4.4

Love GPT has a couple unique features that make it stand out from the other AI sex chat apps in this list. The first is a likeability meter. Every interaction you have with your companion has the chance to increase or decrease your reputation. Rewards and surprises await users with sufficient rizz. The second cool feature is related to personality types. The devs leverage the power of the famous Meyers-Briggs personality types, to give each companion a distinct feel.

Anime Chat

Downloads: >100,000 Rating: 4.2

Anime Chat focuses on anime style companions exclusively. The app functions similar to a dating app where you create a profile and then swipe to match with your dream waifu. The developers are proud of the variety of waifus available and like to boast “each waifu has their own story and secret, chat with them and find out their true face”

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